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Best Bathroom Designs for Your Small Spaces

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Do you have a small bathroom? Want to remodel your bathroom with new design? Having small spaces for bathroom surprisingly need more consideration in applying the best bathroom designs. There are some rules need to follow in designing small bathroom.

Determine the Space Use

Measure your bathroom size and determine the division of the space or floor plan. The minimum bathroom size is 5ft x 8ft already contain with bathtub, toilet, and sink. If you have more space, you can add shower room in the corner of the room. When you have already known your space, the next things you can do is how to make it looks larger.

Choose Light Color Scheme

The common rule on designing small space is choosing light color as main color. The light color will help to make the room brighter and spacious. Light colors also avoid shadows which make the room narrow because it helps to reflect the lighting evenly.

Then you can add more colors from accessories to make the room livelier and fun. For example, if you have chosen white as background, you can use towels, curtain, rug, flowery, greenery, or other small accessories with different colors. You can also install unique tiles to give more fun looks into your bathroom.

Add Illusion with Glass and Mirror

Hanging a big mirror above your sink will help to reflect the light. The mirror also gives impression that you still have more room inside the mirror. Or if your bathroom has a shower room, use glass walls to divide the room. This glass divider will make you have no room limits.

Let the Natural Light In

If you haven’t got enough lighting from the lamps, you can add the lighting from natural light outside. You can install a big glass window or open glass ceiling to let the sunlight in. The see-through glass window or ceiling will give an illusion that the outside view is a part of your bathroom.

Put Only Declutter Items

You can try to put your toiletries or other stuffs on the open shelves instead of installing cabinetry. The empty space under the sink will make your area is spacious. Or you can also choose floating storage. By storing your stuffs out of the countertops, you can send the clean lines and declutter feeling.

After you following the rules above, you can get the best bathroom designs for your small spaces. Bathroom is your most private spot, so you better create it as best as you can.