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Best Recessed Lighting in Bathroom

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Lighting is one of several factors which is very important in a room includes bathroom. It gives certain effect to a room, so lighting can’t be just ignored. You must choose suitable lighting for bathroom that will support its usage and aesthetic, for example by applying recessed lighting in bathroom. It gives both usage and aesthetic. There are some factors that should be noticed when applying recessed lighting for bathroom lighting.

Lighting set

When you plan lighting location in your bathroom, you must be very careful because the light will be placed at a place where water is the main component there. As we know that electricity and water are two components which can’s be joined. So you must choose right materials in applying lighting. Be careful when applying recessed lighting in bathroom, put on appropriate patron for the lamp to avoid water splash.

As for the place, you may place recessed lighting in appropriate place. You need to light the vanity area of your bathroom, put task lighting in this area. Put the lighting above the mirror and/or the both sides of the mirror in the vanity area. It helps you when you put your make up in your bathroom or when you shave your beard. Put some lighting at the mirror will help you to see your reflection clearly.

Then, the next place is bath tub and shower area. You also need to light your bath tub and shower area, put recessed lighting in the both side of the bath tub, you may increase or decrease the light depends on yourself. When you need your bath tub bright, increase the light, but when you need your bath tub dull, decreases the light. By applying recessed lighting at bath tub and shower area, it will reveal romantic situation and help you relax yourself from your tiring activity.

And don’t forget to apply recessed lighting in your bathroom cabinet. You may place it in the inside of the cabinet or the outside the cabinet. It helps you when you have to find anything you need in the cabinet.

Choosing recessed lighting style

You may choose any kind of recessed lighting you want. Choose and match recessed lighting with your own style, so you will not feel bore with your lighting and feel more comfortable in bathroom. But still you must pay attention to the safety and usage. It’s what you need to notice when you apply recessed lighting in bathroom.