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Best St Louis Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

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Finding a high-quality St Louis bathroom remodeling contractor is important to make sure that the project will be handled well and give you the most satisfying results. There are some best contractors that can be chosen to handle your bathroom remodeling project. Besides, you also should know some points to consider before you have this project in Saint Louis, Missouri.

Best Bathroom Remodelers in St Louis

  • Rob Brugnone Contracting, it gets 5 stars rating from the customers. This remodeler address is in 10115 Bon Oak Drive Saint Louis, MO 63136. Phone: (636) 435-4418.
  • More for Less Remodeling, LLC, it gets 4.95 stars rating from the customers. The address is in 4109 Louis Lane Saint Louis, MO 63125. Phone: (314) 513-1607.
  • Home Improvement Select, it gets 4.96 stars rating from the customers. The address is in the 235 Millwell Road Saint Louis, Mo 63043. Phone: (636) 435-4948.
  • Herzog Building Co. It gets 4.92 stars rating from the customers. The address is in the 5129 Meadowbrook Valley Drive, Eureka, MO 63025. Phone: (866) 644- 0279.
  • NTNG Construction, LLC, it gets 4.67 stars rating from the customers. The address is in the 5129 3rd street Saint Louis, MO 63123. Phone: (636) 435-4952.

The Cost and Time of Bathroom Remodeling Project

St Louis bathroom remodeling could cost about $9,000 – $10,000. The timeline of the project could last up to 2-3 weeks.

Things to Consider before Having Bathroom Remodeling Project

Before you start the bathroom remodeling project, you should consider about how extensive the remodeling project you are going to have; the shower or bathtub, cabinetry or vanity, toilet, countertops, flooring, or sinks.

Ideas of Bathroom Remodeling Project

If you think that you need some ideas about how the St Louis bathroom remodeling project should be done in your bathroom, you can find the great ideas from the websites of the best remodeling contractors. The contractors have many collections of pictures of their previous projects, such as;

  • Remodeling bathroom project that is made from design and materials diversity.
  • The bathroom remodeling on the works of emergency drying cleanup and the repairing of damaged bathrooms for water factors, or the repairing of the broken water line that cause water outage in some points in the bathroom.
  • Otherwise, you can also choose the complete bathroom remodeling project; a project that repair or remodel the entire bathroom so it becomes a new bathroom.

Therefore, decide what type of project you need to have from a St Louis bathroom remodeling contractor; plan it well and find the best quotes.