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Decorating a Small Bathroom to Create Larger Feel

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Decorating a small bathroom should able to create larger feeling so you will feel more comfortable. It could be tricky and somehow it could lead to frustration. Yet, some clever ideas below could help you increase the perception of space greatly and even increase a real physical space to move your body comfortably.

Decorating a Small Bathroom by Downsizing Things

Space is about size. When you only have small bathroom, do not ever think about putting big things inside it but decide on smaller size instead. Therefore, your first job is browsing around the option of bathroom stuffs and choosing the smaller size possible.

Standard size lower-walled bathtub model is a good choice. For toilet, choose compact elongated model, which is slim but give you the comfort of elongated seat. The same thing goes on the choice of vanity or wall-mounted sink that should be smaller to save space when you decorating a small bathroom. If you choose to install vanity, it means lost storage. Think about installing shelving to make it up. When you choose cabinet and shelving, consider something slim and tall. It saves horizontal space and optimizes vertical space. It also helps with the perception of space.

While you downsizing things, there is one thing that you can pick it big. The thing is mirror. In fact, bigger mirror is suggested for decorating a small bathroom. Bigger mirror could create effect of doubled space perception. So, feel free to choose big size mirror for your small bathroom.

Decorating a Small Bathroom by Sticking on Solid Colors and Textures

Colors made the view and perception. In order to create larger space feeling, you need to stick on solid colors because busy pattern will only make the room feel stuffy and shrink. If you think it would be boring, a creative solution is playing with textures. If it still not enough and you need bold pattern for strong statement, use it only on small space to give accent while keep the others solid.

To make the room look larger, choose small bathroom paint ideas with light colors in soft or milky tone. White is the best color to lend a spacious feel because it reflects the light completely. That is the reason why many small bathrooms choose all-white theme. Of course, you can choose other colors when decorating a small bathroom but remember to keep it light colors such as soft light blue, cream, soft pink and light grey. You can only use dark color as small accents that you make it slim in vertical outline.