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DIY: How to Refinish Bathroom Cabinets

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How to refinish bathroom cabinets will be a fun thing to do in the weekend. And of course you can find great reference on the internet in order to get the best tips to do your DIY project for bathroom. Well, you are kind of in the right page right now and in this article I will write down about several tips that could be your consideration before doing some makeover for your bathroom cabinets.

Makeover tips

You need to remove the hardware. But just remember that you put them together. You can put them in the box or bag and let them settle in it. And if finally you want to put the new hardware on it, you still have all the original hardware in the same place.

Perhaps the tips of how to refinish bathroom cabinets will need the sanding thing. I suggest you to but the sanding block. It can be reused and multifunctional as well. Besides, you do not need to buy sand paper over and over again when they are starting dull. Sanding blocks is never dull unless the block is running out.

Using foam brushes are more preferred rather than using regular brush or men’s shock in order to apply the stains. It is very cheap and of course it will help you to makeover the bathroom cabinets. And we suggest you to use Java Gel Stain.

You need to apply polyacrylic coat before applying the final coat. Just make sure that each coat is dried enough and in equal thickness. If the paint and coat is not dried enough, the final color will be bad.

Cabinet makeover is a fun thing

Well, makeover or refinish the bathroom cabinet is a fun thing to do and totally no kidding. Perhaps you will need at least three different coats to complete the step and make your cabinet for bathroom look suitable with your new design and concept of your bathroom. By doing makeover, you already save several money rather than you buy the new cabinets. Just make sure that you do the right step especially if there are several dents on cabinets’ surface.

There are many people who do this DIY project as a first-timer. So, you do not need to worry about how your project will turn out. You just need to pick and apply the right materials with great quality of tools. Well, let’s try this step about how to refinish bathroom cabinets.