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Freestanding Bathroom Furniture to Save Space

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When you have small bathroom, freestanding bathroom furniture could be your solution to save space. Because it is easy to move, you have the freedom to create the space you want by changing the placement. Visually, it could help you make the perception of space become wider when you place it right. In general, there are two types of furniture that could help us save bathroom space.

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Slim Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

Slim cabinets and storage optimize vertical space and save horizontal space. It helps you organize bathroom stuffs so the room will look neat and tidy. Slim furniture also creates perception of wider space because we will see it more vertically. It would be more helpful if the cabinet and storage come with light solid color. The room will look wider and more comfortable.

However, placement of furniture will determine the result. If you want to optimize freestanding bathroom furniture to save space, you need to place it close to the wall and other objects rather than place it alone in the center far from other objects. For example, you place it close to sink rather than place it in the center between sink and bathtub. That way, you will create wider open space.

If one slim cabinet could not give you the storage space you need, you can opt to use two slim cabinets instead of choosing one wider cabinet. As mentioned before, slim cabinet will make you look vertically so it create the sense of space while wide cabinet will make you look it horizontally and create perception of smaller space.

Corner Freestanding Bathroom Furniture

When you put thing in the corner, it will optimize the space. It gives you a real space to move as well as make the room look wider. In order to make it look better and optimize the function as well, better you choose freestanding bathroom furniture that designed for corner placement.

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Corner furniture is commonly made in triangle shape so it could fit the corner perfectly and face us in better angle. If you have other furniture, you can easily place them on the right and left side of the corner furniture without reducing access to use them.

The downside of corner furniture is that you must place it in the corner to look best. Although you can move it, you need to move it to another corner. Therefore, do not use much corner furniture. Commonly, bathroom only need corner furniture to optimize space. For other storage needs, you can use typical freestanding bathroom furniture.