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People often only focus on favorite room in a house like living room, dining room, family room and bed room to keep lighting and temperature. Whereas, light and temperature in every part of house must be balance to keep the house stay clean, warm and comfortable. One of the rooms that need appropriate lighting and temperature besides those rooms from the beginning is bathroom. It is important to pay attention at the bathroom lighting. Well, are you one of them who aware to that? Are you searching for bathroom lighting design? In houzz bathroom lighting there are a lot of bathroom lighting design and many types of bathroom lighting that may you choose.

Good bathroom lighting

Sometimes, people make bathroom lighting design with lighting which is not appropriate to the bathroom. Just put main light in the center of the room. Whereas, good bathroom lighting needs a lot of lighting at some places such as bath tub, cabinet, mirror and vanity. It will be useful when you taking a bath, putting make up and shaving. Lighting will support your bathroom activity and make it easier.

There are things that you need notice about good bathroom lighting. First, the lighting at the mirror, you have to set the lighting with height that straight forward to your face. It should be like that, in order to lighting direction do not reflect your reflection at your face. When the lighting is placed above the mirror, the reflection of your face will seems rougher than the real one. Then, the next is window, bathroom window will help lighting in the bathroom, it is also help you to save the energy that use for the lighting.

Tips for bathroom lighting design ideas

There are a lot of choices and types of bathroom lighting design in houzz bathroom lighting. You may choose the lighting that will match to your bathroom design and concept. Then, if you want your bathroom be a healthy room, you have to add ventilation and window. It will give you sun lighting and fresh air. Do you want to have unique design for your bathroom? Try to apply glass block in your bathroom. Blur effect from the glass block will make your bathroom nice and elegant. If you have had window in your bathroom but you still do not satisfied with the lighting, you may try to apply chandelier for your bathroom, it also will give exclusive impression.

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