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How to Frame Bathroom Mirror Easily

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Do you want to make your bathroom unique? Or you want to put more aesthetic value in your bathroom? You don’t have to put expensive vast ceramic ornament to give your bathroom aesthetic value. To make your bathroom unique and give it some aesthetic, you may apply frame for bathroom mirror. You can apply frame for your bathroom mirror by yourself or you can ask the professional to do it. But if you want to do it by yourself and do not know how to do, here are some tips about how to frame bathroom mirror.

Deciding the style

Frame will make mirror appearance look beautiful and it will give you positive influence. You will feel happy when you see the mirror because it’s beautiful and make your bathroom comfortable. In deciding the style of the frame, firstly you have to know your bathroom mirror shape and style, so you can match it with the frame design that you like. You also have to consider your bathroom style so it will match perfectly between your bathroom, bathroom mirror and the frame style. You may see some frame product as reference and design your own bathroom mirror frame. And the important thing in deciding the style of the mirror frame is the function of the mirror, you must consider the function of the mirror and don’t make style that will take away the function of the mirror.

Steps and frame material

Wood Moulding will be a good choice for bathroom mirror frame material. And you may paint the wood Moulding with color that will suit your bathroom. Then, this is the steps:

1. Measure the size of the mirror and cut the Moulding with the right size. You have to pay attention to the mirror edge length so you can get the best cut for your Moulding.

2. Paint the whole Moulding part, the front, back, and the edge sides of the Moulding. As for the color you have to match with your bathroom design and color theme so the frame will not look weird. Let the Moulding dry perfectly.

3. Then, apply the frame to the mirror, start from the bottom and continue to the other pieces. Apply clear liquid caulk to the Moulding pieces

4. Check the gap between the Moulding pieces and the edge of the mirror and fill the gap with paint able clack.

Finally the frame finished and that is how to frame bathroom mirror.