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How to Remove Bathroom Mirror: Guide

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The question of how to remove bathroom mirror is often asked by a lot of people. Bathroom mirror is usually heavy, large, and glued to the wall. Yes, if the bathroom mirror in your bathroom is small and attached to the wall using brackets, it will not be that hard to remove. However, if your bathroom mirror is huge and almost covering the entire wall, you need some hard work to remove it especially if it is glued to the wall using heavy duty glue. It can be such a massive work to do. Below are the steps by step of how to remove bathroom mirror.

Step 1: Protect the Sink

The Mirror is usually installed above the sink and mirror can break that easily and the shattered pieces of glass can easily fill the sink and endanger everyone in the house. Thus, before you remove the mirror, protect the sink area. You can do that by covering the sink with old newspaper or cardboard.

Step 2: Cover the Mirror with Duct Tape

Covering the surface of the mirror with duct tape will make the mirror less slippery and also reduce the possibility of it breaks into pieces and harm you. Choose a thick duct tape and carefully cover the entire surface of the mirror.

Step 3: Soften the Glue

If the mirror is glued to the wall using heavy duty glue, you need to soften the glue so that you can remove the mirror. To do that, grab your hair dryer and use it to blow dry the mirror (especially on the rear) so that the glue will get softer. You can also use small heat lamp to do this softening process.

Step 4: Pry the Mirror from the Wall

You need to pry the mirror from the wall so that it can be removed. First, do the edges first. Take a putty knife and use it to pry the mirror from the wall starting from the edges. Do it on all edges. When the edges are separated from the wall, use a piano wire or guitar string to separate the glue from the wall. Make sure you wear safety gloves. After the glue and the wall is separated, it is time to remove the mirror. Use pry bar to separate the mirror from the wall one last time and then lower the mirror and transport it to wherever you like. That is the way of how to remove bathroom mirror.

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