How to Replace Bathroom Vanity

How to Replace Bathroom Vanity by Yourself

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Do you need a guide on how to replace bathroom vanity for your bathroom remodel? Indeed, replacing bathroom vanity can be troublesome if you do not know the exact step-by-step instruction to follow. In such case, you may want to hire professional designer or manufacturers to do the removal of old vanity as well as replacing it with a new one. As the result, it can cost you very much money rather than doing your own replacement. Moreover, the result of the replacement may be less satisfying for your taste. On the other hand, replacing your old vanity of your bathroom may be necessary and urgent, for example, it does not suit your current interior design anymore. For any reason, removing the old vanity and replacing it with the new one needs several considerations. For example, you need to make sure that such replacement is well-adjusted with the measurement of your bathroom interior scale. Furthermore, you need to make sure that such replacement is contributive to the design value of your bathroom interior

Consideration on replacing vanity

Before knowing how to replace bathroom vanity, there are some considerable reasons of why such replacement of bathroom vanity is necessary for you. First, you may want to make your vanity more functional. For example, your old bathroom no longer properly serves its role as the holder of faucets and sinks. Also, it is possible that your old vanity is badly broken and is impossible to repair, such as tear or stretch in vanity materials. Second, it is possible that you want to upgrade your vanity for more storage. You may want to install a vanity with more space for drawer or to keep in bathroom stuff. This is particular for space maximization of your bathroom. Lastly, replacement of old vanity can be a good way to enhance the design theme of your bathroom, by adjusting the color, material, and size.

Steps in replacing vanity

If you want to reinstall your bathroom vanity, here are some practical steps. First, you need to turn off the plumbing system. Look inside the cabinet and turn off the valve for the water system. Check the plumbing by turning the faucets. Second, remove the old vanity. After the plumbing system is shut off, loosen the screw or the nailing that hook the old vanity to the wall to remove it. Third, prepare replacement by cleaning the wall and planning the exact measure for the new vanity. Then place the frame of the new vanity fitting into the previous measurement. Lastly, place the new vanity with the counter top and screw the edge to the wall. Turn on the plumbing system again to make it work. These are simple guides for how to replace bathroom vanity.