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Kids-Friendly Cute Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Do your kids have their own bathroom? If you have a quite enough space, it is great to provide a separate bathroom for your each child. But as they may have lack of interest to take a bath when they have to, you should give encouragement. Instead of asking to clean up them, you are able to do cute bathroom decor to make the bath time more fun.

It is no doubt that kids love colors. Choose the pastel colors to create relaxing and warm sense inside of the bathroom. You can’t forget with the characters. Ask your children what their most favorite character. The girl usually loves princess or flower theme, while the boy may pick superhero or car one. To fulfill their wish, you may need to go to DIY store finding funny themed units to create the entertaining bathroom.

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Can’t find the suitable furniture to bring the cute bathroom decor home? Do not worry. There are still many ideas to implement. Take for example by hanging wall arts like underwater creature prints. Or you can create the same underwater scene with decals. To deal with tight budget, you can have high-style reminders like Wash Your Hands, and mount it on the wall or door, any area that your kids can easily see.

You can invest less just by combining colors and patterns. You are able to create the sophisticated match from an ornate mirror and towel rack painted in light blue and coral. Adding a green bath accessory is a simple yet cute bathroom decor idea that won’t take much of your time. Matching coordinating accents such as the bath linens can work at its best too. Or make a serious statement by having a giant size of rubber duck painted on the wall. Do you have more character ideas to be zoomed out? Just make a fun of them.

Whatever cute bathroom decor idea you choose, the foremost priority about kid-friendly bathroom is the safety. If you want to change the furniture, make sure they have customized childproof locks. It is much better to maintain the bathroom clutter free by putting only the essential accessories. Do not forget to secure the slippery floor with adhere mats.

There are many choices of cute bathroom unit to find at the stores. You may find yourself easily get attempted to buy. However, since your toddlers will grow as teenagers, and you possibly will do more remodeling projects in the future, you should only buy the practical items.

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