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Modern Bathroom Decor Components

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Incorporating modern bathroom decor will give us a more functional and spacious bathroom. Decors and accessories are kept minimal to keep the room clutter-free and clean. It helps enhance the visual space and can also give a large accent. A bathroom does not need a lot of decors, furniture and accessories to make it stylish and functional. We can easily create an elegant bathroom with just a few furniture, accessories and fixtures.

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Three Main Elements on Modern Bathroom Decor

Basically, a modern bathroom decor idea has three main elements, which are style, space and comfort. Space can be easily created even if the bathroom is quite small. What we need to do is just to make good use of the storage potential and bring a good floor plan. Cabinet or vanity is the best solution to use if we want to have a storage space for all bathroom essentials without impeding the design. We can try to use wall-hung because such type helps expanding the visual space or giving an open feel. We can also use rolling vanities beside the bathtub. If we do it, we will have an easy access to the bathroom essentials. If we do not use the bathroom essentials, they will hide under the sink to give a more spacious accent.

Considering the size and how we place vanities is also important for modern bathroom decor ideas. A good bathroom vanity is one that can accommodate all the things we need to store but not too obtrusive and bulky so it does not take too much space. On the other hand, style is another important element to consider when we talk about bathroom design. We can also get it by adding a modern bathroom vanity. Any bathroom can look stylish if we put modern vanities and cabinets with sleek and elegant design. We do not need to fill the bathroom with too many decors and accessories because it will just make the room looks too narrow and lack of space. In the modern bathroom decor ideas, bathroom cabinet or vanity is a decorative piece. We just need to choose a style or design that will complement the bathroom floor, the furniture and the fixtures in the bathroom.

The third or the last important component is comfort. Bathroom is not just a place where we do our business and leave. Bathroom is also a place for relaxation and a space in the house where we can relief stress. Because of that reason, we need to make the bathroom more comfortable and inviting. We can do it by adding lighting fixtures to create the ambience. We can equip the lighting with dimmer so we can set the accent or mood of the bathroom based on our preference.

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