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Painting Bathroom Cabinets; Guide

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Painting bathroom cabinets will be the great discussion for today. This project will be the best resolution for our New Year. Don’t you want to see the new sensation appeared from your home interior? One of the ways to realize it is by renewing your bathroom look.

You can choose bathroom cabinets as your objects. Well, let’s paint all cabinets you have in the bathroom. Painting those cabinets will also require you to know some guides. If you want to know about those guides, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about those great ideas here!

Selecting Some Cabinets You Want to Paint

First of all, let’s select some cabinets you want to paint. You can also give some remarks for some sides you want to color up. Using tapes will be the best idea for you. It will make you easier to paint perfectly. Well, you can finish this step as well as you ensure your painting project.

Talking about cabinets, it means you also need to remove the doors of them. In this painting project, you have to remove those doors. So, you can also paint them easily. You can finish painting smoothly without certain drips.

Selecting Some Colors

Well, now you will continue this project by selecting some colors. There are some options for your colors. Those colors can represent certain looks or sensation of your home interior. If you need to widen up your bathing room, you can choose bright and neutral colors like cream, yellow, or common white.

Besides that, green and sea blue color can help you to show natural sensation. This color choice will also become the advanced ideas. As we know there are only few products of blue or green cabinets in the market. However, you also need certain techniques for applying these color options.

Painting Techniques

As we know painting cabinets is not easy for us. You need to know that there are also some steps you have to follow. First of all, you can start painting by some primer colors. Painting wooden surface with this type of color will make you easier to combine other colors on the cabinet surface. If you want primer color, white or grey will be the best choice.

Last, don’t forget to use best paint brusher to get the best result. Finally, those are all some guides for you painting bathroom cabinets.