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Rules For Standard Bathroom Vanity Height

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Standard Bathroom Vanity Height-There are so many size and height of bathroom vanity. Maybe you don’t know about standard bathroom vanity. The standard height of bathroom vanity is 32 inch. The standard height of vanity will bring comfort in your home bathroom. But, you must remember that not only standard bathroom vanity height which always give the comfort for you. You should know about it before and also know about how to choose the right vanities for your bathroom. Here, some tips will be shared for you in order to choose the right standard bathroom vanity height.

What is standard bathroom vanity height?

Standard bathroom vanity height is 32 inch. Another vanity has height 30-36 inch, but standard height will make you easier in using it. Especially for you, who have young children who will be in difficult situation if your bathroom vanity that you use is the taller than 32. Standard bathroom vanity height is also the standard size for your vanity, but you should choose the good design which is suitable with your need.

How to choose the right standard bathroom vanity?

Choosing the right standard bathroom vanity is matched with your need. Sometime, glamour or expensive standard bathroom vanity is not your best choice. You must consider these things if you want to choose the right standard bathroom vanity;

1. Placement

The first step should be considered is place. You should choose a spot for your vanity and choose the right place to set it. Don’t put a vanity in front of door shower or bathroom door. Match it with your bathroom, and make sure that the vanity will be easy to be used and cleaned.

2. Materials

The second step is choosing the material which forms the vanity. You should choose the good materials which is dependable in long time because the vanity will be used daily. Choose the materials such as wood veneers, laminates, thermofoil and lacquer finishes. Choose the good condition of it to get the right vanity. You also need to choose durable vanity top which is easy to be cleaned.

3. Storage

Choose the vanity whose storage is suitable with your need. The large storage is also important for you to save many things. But, if you want to have simple vanity, you also can choose the small and little storage. Match it with your will.

4. Size

Beside the height of vanity, you should consider the depth and width of your vanity. According the designer, you can start with a vanity which has minimum of 21 inches of depth and 24 inches of width.

Those are the tips in choosing the right vanity. Try the tips above to get the right standard bathroom vanity height.