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Rustic Bathroom Designs That Will Motivate You

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Rustic bathroom designs are perfect for those who want to display a unique bathroom. Bathrooms with modern equipment would seem ordinary and boring. Bathrooms equipped with furniture and rustic wall color will give the impression of exciting and different each time you enter your bathroom. The bathroom you will be more comfortable and memorable beautiful.

Selection of Color in Your Rustic Bathroom Designs

Your wall color you can paint with the technique of mixing different colors. The colors shown should be made to seem a little dull and moldy to look antique and old-fashioned. The walls in your bathroom can be combined with wood. Shades of brown wood with an ancient wall that will make a strong impression of rustic radiates from your bathroom. You can use the lights with white and yellow lamp. Color blend will make your bathroom atmosphere like in ancient times. You can add a container of candle stuck to the wall to provide aromatherapy. Aromatherapy in these candles will make you feel comfortable and relaxed when you were in the shower or bath. You do not need to go to a spa to pamper your body. The Rustic modern design also you can use for your bathroom. Your bathroom will look antique but still meet your needs.

Selection of Furniture for Rustic Bathroom Designs

At the sink, you can use the sink with a touch of ceramic or marble. You can combine marble sink with a beautiful wooden shelves. You can choose furniture from durable teak wood. The wooden furniture need not be too smooth, select wood furniture that still feature as well as the nature of the wood. At the top of the sink you can place a mirror with some intricate details and unique. Typical ancient royal mirror can make your bathroom will seem more ancient and beautiful. You can put green plants mixed with white flowers to keep the air in your bathroom to keep them fresh. Make sure your bathroom get enough light from sun to keep it fresh. You can put the tub with a brown color like wood or a bathtub made of marble. Bath will make you like a queen who was enjoying a bath in the kingdom. Modern equipment in the bathroom still you need to meet your needs. But you have to be clever to combine modern equipment in your bathroom with the design and furnishing of your bathroom is themed rustic.