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Simple Bathroom Decor Ideas without Breaking the Bank

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Do you have a small bathroom? Decorating is tough sometimes, since there is limited space available. You can’t put every item you want and implement every idea you have inside. But it does not mean you are not able to create the best personal retreat at home with the fewer things.

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You can do simple bathroom decor to get the most of the space. The top priority is keeping everything functional. But still, any idea you have on mind should make you break the bank. Working with a tight budget really needs creativity. It must be simple as well since you should not do anything with the plumbing system.

A decorating project won’t only make you have a new bathroom. This job also adds the value of the house, especially if you can do it right. So now, it is time to get things started. Here are several simple bathroom decor ideas to turn the boring bath into a studio of decorative and functional artistic style:

• Paint the walls to make them look smarter. It is quick change that almost everyone can do. There are many choices of color, but pastel ones work the best. Depending on your most wanted mood, you can pick light blue or green to have a relaxing feel.
• Add one more mirror to get the bathroom larger. This functional item really has magical touch. You can put two mirrors at least, one above the sink and another one mounted on the opposite wall. With more ways the light reflected, the brighter bathroom you will have.
• Have new replacements of small items which do not cost much. The simple bathroom decor is more than just adding functional items. You can get the different look with the new shelves, toilet roll holders, towel rails, rugs and so on. Make sure they match each other.
• Better to replace the old towels. The color may fade by the time. Moreover, you have to think about the condition and hygiene. An old towel can easily tear. As it is no more attractive to be used, why do not you throw it away and get the new one?
• Fix any visible damage. Take for example the cracked seal of the bath or shower and the wall. Fix it by replacing the grout. You can get it from DIY store. Scrape the old one and clean up the dust. Run the bath full of water to keep it stay on its place. Apply the new grout and leave it for 2 days to get done. This simple bathroom decor may take time, but it is possible to do yourself to keep the cost low.

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