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Small Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery to Inspire You

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There are various small bathroom ideas photo gallery. The simple idea is applying simple furniture. Water reservoir will make the bathroom look narrower, you can replace with the shower. Shower in the bathroom is able to make the interior space look more spacious and modern. You can give broad and large impression by giving the mirror inside the bathroom. It’s better if we choose to utilize a large bucket that has a size and color to suit the minimalist bathroom area. In addition to the buckets are also easier to clean. For the wall painting, you can choose a bright color such as white or light blue. Light colors will make the room seem more spacious. You can also use ceramic in the wall because ceramics is easier to clean. The usage of the hanging racks is also a great in order to the ideas of bathroom photo gallery.

Perhaps there are many ways that you can apply to build or transform your small bathroom design to make it more attractive and comfortable. The tips below on how to create a minimalist small bathroom design with a charming look.

1. Add the equipment / furnishings in the bathroom

Concern about the small equipment or furniture for example the sink, closet, and others. It is also need to consider and at least add a mirror in the bathroom.

2. The selection of paint colors bathroom wall.

Combine the colors with bright and soft color on the bathroom wall. It is also intended that the bathroom was not stuffy, and you can also use a bright color, so the color is reflected on the floor. For small bathroom, you can use chocolate cream colors or plain white.

3. The interior design for the bathroom

The interior design and furniture provide additional light effects, and it can apply to the wearing shiny ceramic type.

There are many ideas to create small bathroom for best result photo gallery. The bathroom should have:

• Sink

Use a small sink that has a door under the cabinet table, and adding shelves and drawers organized in the cabinet. It is one of simple bathroom design ideas that can help you in determining the functional sink.

• Toilet

Most people enjoy having more space around the toilet, although this may not always be a realistic option in a small bathroom at the moment.

• Bathtub and Shower

Most of the small bathroom also has the shower and the bath tub for the combination. You can change the design of the shower curtain and replace with glass door or mirrors. The mirror which is put above the sink can create the bathroom looks bigger.