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Small Master Bathroom Ideas With Ceramic Tile

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Many people are considering about bathroom ideas for their home. Actually there are several factors which needed to consider in reaching the ideal bathroom. One of the good things to do in designing the bathroom is the ceramic for the wall.

The design of the wall ceramic can be one of the small master bathroom ideas. The model for the bathroom tiles for floor and walls are completely different. For the ceramic floor, the home owner must consider about the selection of ceramics that has a rough surface, so that when inundated with water does not make the floor slippery. Ceramic floor should use bright colors or natural theme for the bathroom impressed clean, especially for the size of the bathroom is not too wide. It is not recommended to use a ceramic with a dark color. In the other side, ceramics for walls can create a splash of water can be easily dried. By contrast, if the entire wall is applied with all ceramics, it will make the bathroom less beautiful and looks weird. The usage of ceramic as wall is good to create the master bathroom ideas especially for small bathroom.

Ceramic design master bathroom for elegant look is completely great. There are several shades of ceramic bathroom that can the home owner use to enhance the ceramic design for elegant bathroom.

• Ceramic Bathroom type puzzle

The home owner can imagine how the shape and color of this ceramic. The same size and shape as the puzzle has many shades of various colors which enhanced the bathroom tile design. There is a black, gold, silver, brown and more, ceramic type of puzzle with inability thickness of about 2 cm. Ceramic surface is mostly kind of puzzle is slippery, so it’s not suitable for floors because it’s too dangerous. This ceramic is suitable for wall and also the bathtub because it’s easily to clean.

• Ceramic Bathroom type of fabric pattern

With the concept of shades of fabric you will be pampered with a variety of motives that make the bathroom more elegant. There will be no difficulties in applying the tiles because I can be put in zigzag pattern or straight pattern, even in random pattern. The motif and ornaments for the tiles are very good to the bathroom. This concept can be applied in natural concept or modern concept for master bathroom.

• Ceramic Bathroom Type Natural

There are alder, chestnut brown and many others for this tile. The texture is natural. Most people love the ceramic s with motive of teak wood with ethnic nuance. The usual size for the tile is the size of 15 × 90 cm and 20 × 90 cm.