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Super Tips: Small Bathroom Makeover Ideas

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Small bathroom makeover ideas are probably different with bathroom in standard or even spacious size. Small bathroom could happen due to many reasons such as limited available space or perhaps the homeowners just do not use the bathroom too often. But still, it needs to be done nicely. Bathroom needs good design in order to make it looks beautiful, nice to be used, and brings excellent atmosphere. So, in this article I am going to write about the design ideas of small bathroom, or at least there are several ways you can do in order to avoid the cramped look. Here are the tips.

Corner sink is better

Putting things in the corner will make the room more spacious. Even though it is just a sink, it could cut the traffic space and of course it is not good for your bathroom. Placing the corner sink in front of the toilet will be great so you do not need to make your body as slim as possible if you want to use the bathroom. The shower door will be better in sliding mode in order to save space as well. Small bathroom makeover ideas are truly need more considerations.

Shower curtain than shower door

In order to save the space and making your bathroom still lovable in very limited space, the shower curtain is totally recommended. By using this, you can save the money for installing shower door and of course the curtains are available in variety of colors and patterns. Just make sure that the patterns and colors are suitable with your bathroom’s theme.

Wall-mounted vanity

We frequently talk about vanity lately. And the wall-mounted vanity is great for very limited space. You can also put the storage under the vanity. Leaving a little space under the vanity and toilet will give impression more spacious bathroom even though it is not. And you can also install the faucets on the wall as well. Small bathroom needs deep consideration though.

Exclude the shower door

Shower door can be the root of most problems in small bathroom. Besides using shower curtains as the alternative, you can just skip it. Installing a flat glass which could be functioned as a partition will be a good option. Just make sure that the glass is thick enough. And since the space is so limited, it is no worry then. Applying all tips in this article may help you about small bathroom makeover ideas.