using cork flooring in a bathroom

Using Cork Floor in Bathroom

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Do you want to install cork floor in bathroom for your DIY design? Indeed, cork flooring has been one among various debates and opinions regarding with its benefits and drawbacks. However, the use of cork floor has been proven to increase the value of bathroom design with its soft and mild texture. Unlike many others, its unique value is that it provides very much comfort with soft and mild texture after the installation. Of course, such flooring material is not common and the disadvantages may come in some number of ways but with proper maintenance and careful use, the value and quality of cork floor can be maximized within the bathroom. Well, simply bathroom requires the function for cleansing washing and bathing activities. This function deals very much with convenient and comfortable flooring especially because we make frequent contact with bathroom floor barefoot. Though there are some considerations on cork floor, such as the cost, maintenance, durability and resistance to stain or water that have become the common issues against cork flooring technique, it is undeniable that cork floor gives strength to the design with comfort and mildness benefits.

Benefits of cork flooring

For further understanding, there are several benefits of using cork as bathroom floor. First, cork floor is durable. It is not easy to damage since it has soft texture that resist hard interaction with other furniture. Moreover, its texture resists stain, stretch, tear and water. Second, cork floor is safe to use. With its soft texture, people are rarely injured when falling on it, and it also keeps toxic substances absorbed rather than releasing it. Third, simply cork floor in bathroom boost the comfort. Especially when you walk barefoot, you can feel the comfort of touching its soft, cold and mild texture. Lastly, and most importantly, cork floor can be beautiful and aesthetic. Since it easy to install and the tile is easy to form, you can enhance cork floor for your flooring beauty with versatile pattern.

Installing cork flooring

Installing cork floor in bathroom is quite easy. First of all, prepare the old floor by cleaning and sanding it. Then you need to make exact measurement by making linings and lay out for each cork tiles you will place. Second, continue the preparation by adding adhesive or glue to the floor. This adhesive placing needs to be adjusted with the layout for cork tiles. Third, it is time for you to place the cork tiles. Lay the tiles according to the lay out and set them. Lastly, after the cork placing completes, finish the flooring by cleaning it and sanding it again. Now you have completely cork floor in bathroom.