white bathroom decor photos

white bathroom decor photos
white bathroom decor photos, picture size 606x448 posted by admin at May 23, 2016

white bathroom decor photos

When it comes to clean, bright, and relaxing affect, there nothing could beat white bathroom décor. White is the color of clean and pure. It brings comfort to your eyes and your mind. Thus, it could help you to relax. White is also the brightest color. If you hate dark and gloomy, this is one of the best colors for you. Due to its bright, white could increase perspective of wider space. When you have small bathroom, white is best color to get rid stuffed feeling.

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Get Your White Bathroom Décor

White theme is the easiest bathroom theme to get. Bathroom paint, wallpaper, ceramics, bathtub, toilets, furniture, and drapery in white color are widely available in almost any home decor store with various specifications, styles, and options. What you need to do is choosing the items as you need and want. If you could not get what you need at your local store, you have plenty option to order it online.

Add Appeals on White Bathroom Décor with Other Colors

Actually, white bathroom decor should not always all white completely. As long as most of the color used is white, we can call it white decor. In fact, a total white would be too bright and dreary. Addition of different colors is needed to bring the appeal of white bathroom.

Black is the common color to be added to white interior to create the popular black and white theme. A bit black stripe on the wall, black frame, and black accessories are several ideas to add appeal and bring balance to bathroom white interior. However, black is the real opposite of white. It is total dark. Make sure you do not use too much black if you want to maintain the clean, bright, and relaxing affect of white bathroom décor.

The next common colors to balance white are earthy tones such as brown, cream, and tan. When you use these colors, the result would be warm and soothing. Many people use the real natural material to create the real earthy feeling. Natural woods, natural stones, and seashells bring the warm of the earth to the bathroom.

You can also use another color to make white bathroom decor lively. Bright colors such as pink, light green, yellow, and light blue bring out cheerfulness that heightens your spirit. Try pink towels and green from window planters. Darker colors are also option but make sure you only use it a bit just to make beautiful accent and character.

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white bathroom decor photos Pictures

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