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About Laminate Flooring in Bathroom

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Most of homeowners want to have hardwood flooring for their bathroom to send a rustic and classic feeling. But the problem is it requires more budgets. When you have not enough budgets to afford hardwood, you can choose laminate flooring in bathroom.

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is the high quality of hardwood imitation. It is made from composite wood as a base which pressed together in high temperatures heat. Then, with a hardwood or tile image will cover the wood. This is why, although laminate use wood as materials base and have the same image from grains, colors, and texture with the real wood, but it doesn’t included as wooden flooring. The price of laminate flooring is also different depending on the quality of wood chips such as oak or pine.

What are the Advantages of Laminate Flooring?

  • Durable

The wear layer of laminate from melamine is stronger than you can imagine which up to 30 years. It can withstand against stains from make up or nail polish, scratches caused by hard things, or dents caused by irons.

  • Water Resistant

Hardwood is very good flooring materials, but it has possibility to absorb water. Unlike hardwood, laminate is working conversely. The melamine which glued the surfaces makes the water impossible to be absorbed. That’s why laminate flooring is the best option for damp areas such as bathroom.

  • Soundless

With underlayment pairing, laminate become quieter and softer with heavy traffic than hardwood or tile.

  • Easy Maintenance

You just need to sweep the dust and mop with water to keep the laminate flooring clean. No need for refinishing or re-waxing. But remember, once the laminate is damaged you need to change the overall flooring.

How to Choose Laminate Flooring?

In choosing laminate flooring for your bathroom, there are some elements need to be considered about the texture, finish, and shape. Since the laminate can mimic the real wood even the knots and wormholes, you have various options. You can also choose from strips or planks with glossy or matte coatings.

The other option to consider is also the toughness. Although laminate is water resistant, but if you leave puddle to long, it’ll go downward to the seams. So, make sure you won’t let puddle after bath too long in the future.

You can save your budget for buying hardwood and replace it with laminate flooring in bathroom. You also get more benefits than the hardwood can. Worth to buy, isn’t it?