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Bamboo Flooring In Bathroom; The Positive And Negative Aspect

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In fact, bamboo flooring in bathroom is not a bad thing that you can take as a reference. Bathroom is one important part of the house that you need to design well. Unfortunately, there are many people who overlook the importance of their bathroom design. If anything, they just design their bathroom with the common bathroom design that they see form other houses. That is not creative. If you are into something unique and creative for your house design, then you might have to consider taking bamboo flooring in bathroom. This idea is actually quite new, but id does not mean that this is not a good idea that you can apply for your bathroom construction project. Even though this idea seems so fine, but it has some drawbacks too. Here is the mode detailed information about it.

The Advantages Of Installing Bamboo Flooring In Bathroom

There are some advantages that you can get if you are taking bamboo flooring for your bathroom. Bamboo has been used a a flooring material for so many years. This is mainly because bamboo is resistant to water. It means that water cannot seep through bamboo surface. Besides, bamboo is very affordable. For those of you who want to remodel your bathroom design, then this material can be a good option that you can take. Second of all, bamboo is also very durable. Bamboo can last for many years and they are so down-to-earth. It can bring a natural atmosphere into your bathroom design.

The Disadvantages Of Installing Bamboo Flooring In Bathroom

However, there are some disadvantages that you can get from this flooring idea. First of all, bamboo is not that versatile. Unlike any other flooring materials, such as tile or granite, bamboo is not suitable for any bathroom design. If you are planning to have a minimalist bathroom design, then this is not the most suitable flooring material that you can take. Bamboo flooring is just suitable for traditional-style bathroom design. Second of all, it is hard to find bamboo flooring material nowadays. Even if there is, you have to spend more money for the installation process. It might take time and it is not the most suitable material for a relatively small bathroom. That is why, you have to think of these things before you can decide to install bamboo flooring for your bathroom.

That is some points of advantages and disadvantages of installing bamboo flooring in bathroom.