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Bathroom Ideas for Small Space from DIY to Designer Ideas

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As modern people, it must be something common for you to have small space to live and enjoy the life. Urban areas tend to have small space for everyone today. However, it isn’t a big deal since you can get many great ideas to design the small living space. The bathroom ideas for small space are one of the important information to have. It is important to make a nice bathroom even you only have a small space.

Treat the Vanity

In a small bathroom, vanity is the only furniture you can have inside. So you should make sure that the vanity can be well functional and doesn’t make bulky look. Choose a vanity in furniture style to get strong look and make your bathroom looks quite fashionable. You can install old buffet, dresser, or pre-made vanity that can be installed by DIY project with your woodworking skills.

Bring Saturated Shade Inside

Even you have a small space in the bathroom, don’t be doubt to bring saturated shades inside. Some designers even have applied this idea into their small bathroom designs. You can use ultra-dark shades like black as the first color. Install wallpapers with woods images in lighter color that reach the ceiling; it is great to bring higher look. Install white bathroom fixtures and black and white furniture to make perfect the design. The interior design will become great bathroom ideas for small space.

Built-In Storage

Storage is something crucial that should be available in all parts of the home. In a small bathroom, you can have a built-in storage that will not large space to install. Create a floor to ceiling shelf or other types of storage that will work well to store all bathroom necessities tidily inside. It can store anything without clutter and full appearance inside the small bathroom.

Glass Partition

If you need some partition inside a bathroom like the shower enclosure, you can make it from glass. It will bring the space illusion so the small bathroom looks larger because you can see the end of the room. It is one of bathroom ideas for small space that are commonly had by many designers.

Small Bathroom in Spa Style

Although you only have a small space for bathroom, you also can bring luxury look inside. You can create the luxury look of spa style by applying bathroom tiles, accessories and shower head in luxury style. However, you should choose smaller bathtub in standard size so it can fit the bathroom ideas for small space.