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What To Do With Bathroom Lights over Mirror

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Lighting system is one of the most important you must consider in designing a house. A correct and suitable lighting system will make your house a good interior design. Lighting has several effects towards the house’s occupant. It will determine the mood of your house. Every room of a house need correct lighting system, including bathroom. For some people, bathroom is a relaxing room and a place to calm down mood, so it is important to put correct lighting for bathroom. People usually put lighting at vanity area; it is common to apply bathroom lights over mirror.

Doing bathroom activities with less lighting will increase risk and very dangerous that will cause accidents. In a simple house, usually they just have one main lighting source for their bathroom. But it is important to increase bathroom lighting qualities. For bathroom with complex fitter, increasing lighting quality can be done by decreasing reflection and dazzling light.

Applying bathroom light

It is important to set lighting at mirror area because it will help bathroom activities like make up or shave. But you must pay attention when you applying lights over mirror, because if you put the light near the mirror, it will affect your reflection. You must ensure to put the light at the right height, you may put lighting over mirror, but don’t put it directly over mirror. Put lighting at the both sides of the mirror to give balance illumination toward all over the mirror sides. It will decrease total reflection if you just have one lighting source.

Common lighting type

There is four lighting type which is common to be applied in bathroom. Those are:

• General Lighting

General Lighting is general lighting type which can be used by any kind of room, including bathroom. This lighting type can be applied by using downlight fluorescent which is applied at some places on ceiling, so it can illuminate all around the room.

• Indirect Lighting

In this type of lighting, you apply lighting behind ceiling or wall. Refraction of the light will spread around the room, so that will feel soft and warm. The lighting also can be applied behind mirror to illuminate bathroom sinks area. This lighting type needs a lot of electricity energy.

• Task Lighting

This lighting focuses at one certain area. Tubes Lamp and LED strips will make soft lighting and do not dazzle, so it suits to set at the bathroom sinks area.

• Accent Lighting

Accents lighting usually is applied at vanity area as add lighting.

You may apply bathroom lights over mirror, with correct applying so it will give you good effect.