beadboard ideas for bathroom

Beadboard Bathroom Ideas

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Beadboard bathroom ideas will be the interesting discussion for today. There are some people who are attracted to show natural concept at their home. This concept is increasing to be more popular exactly in this modern era. They really want to bring this calm concept.

For your information, natural concept can be created by cottage look. Meanwhile this cottage sense can be shown by beadboard concept at your home. So, how is about beadboard in bathroom?

If you want to know about some ideas for applying beadboard in bathroom, you can keep reading below. Here is the discussion for you.

Beaded Board Washroom

First of all, let’s talk about your washroom. You can create tiny powder bathroom concept. How to make it? Well, you can decorate your bathroom with by using white bead board panels vertically. Don’t forget to also apply black window on the wall. It will really show sweet cottage look for your bathroom. So, this is the first idea you can apply at home.

Built in Bath Storage

Built in bath storage will be the next project for you. This project will require you to place small cabinet with bead board design. This narrow plank storage will create stylish backdrop at the foot of your bath tub. Well, this concept will really make awesome look of your small bathroom. It is very suitable for you who have small space.

Horizontal Beaded Board

The next horizontal beaded board will be the third option for you. Creating unexpected twist can be the best choice. You can turn its board on another side. How to realize it? Well, you are going to apply the horizontal lines by using this beadboards. You can apply them on your sink alcove. After that, you can add unique tabletop counter with lighting concept. As a result, you are able to give space illusion for your bathroom.

Beaded Board Backsplash

What is the next idea for you? Now, you are going to create the concept of beaded board backsplash. On this project, you will apply beadboard behind your pedestal sink. After that, you can combine this board with patterned wallpaper. You can choose floral pattern for its wallpaper. There must be white and black floral for your wall. This concept will create visual break in order to help your bathroom wall from splashes effect. Finally, those are all some discussions for your beadboard bathroom ideas.