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Beginners Guide; Framing a Bathroom Mirror

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Framing a bathroom mirror will make your bathroom mirror looks beautiful. May be you’ve already felt bored with your bathroom and want to do something about it. But re-design the whole bathroom will be complicated and a lot thing has to do. So, how do you do about that? Well, you may add some ornament in your bathroom to increase mood. Well, there are so many ornaments which you can add to your bathroom. One of them is mirror frame.

By framing a bathroom mirror, you can make your bathroom looks more beautiful than before, because if you apply mirror frame with suitable design to your room, it will increase aesthetic value to your bathroom. Do you frame your bathroom mirror? If you not framing your bathroom mirror, you can start to frame if from now. But if you’ve already framed your bathroom mirror and you feel want to change it, here is some guides for you.

Considering some aspects

Before applying new frame to your bathroom mirror, you have to consider the styles of your bathroom so you can match with the frame which will you apply. And then consider the shape frames that will you apply; you only can choose the shape frame based on mirror’s shape. It will not be funny if the shape does not match.

Basically, it is easy to apply frame at your bathroom mirror and even to change the frame. You may apply and change it as you like based on your style. But consider the function of the mirror, so measure to have enough space for setting the frame. Also, you must measure it will not disturb when you open cabinet etc.

Mirror frame design ideas

Usually, bathroom mirror frame doesn’t have many designs. You may go to the furniture shop to look for inspiration for your bathroom mirror frame, or you may also go to antic shop as your reference. Well, actually there is some way to frame bathroom mirror. First, you may use old wood from around your house, or you may use your old-frame then paint it with your style and then apply it using nail. Second, if you have large space, you may apply mirror at both sides of the wall, also you may use wallpaper at the wall so the wall seems alive.

Framing a bathroom mirror by yourself is easy, and you can décor it based on your own taste. But of course you have to match it with the bathroom style.