Rustic Cabin Bathroom Decor Pictures

How to Have Cabin Bathroom Decor

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A cabin bathroom decor is a great idea to get the feeling of closer to nature. The scene of rustic lodge style may contrast with today’s modern lifestyle. But you can actually make the most of your household with the style you prefer too. The cabin or country western may become your best choice as the nature gateway simply at home.

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You can implement the cabin theme decoration ideas at any room. The most common space is the living room where you can also entertain the guests with your personal taste of style. The same idea also usually goes inside the bedroom. The rustic, cowboy or ranch decor style works at the best to deliver the more relaxing scene.

It is also possible to have a cabin bathroom decor. You can get the natural, rustic charm and stylish lodge by combining the nature-inspired ideas and cabin-themed items. Here are things you need to do:

  • Choose nature-inspired color palette. Take for example berry red, stone gray, hunter green and bark brown. Then, paint the walls with the same light colors. It can give the impression of larger room. Put accessories that have dark hues to get the rustic scene.
  • Install the rustic theme lighting. It is aimed to strengthen the cabin bathroom decor style. You can place the wall sconces with wrought iron and pine cone accents on each side of the mirror. To create higher look of bathroom, you can hang an antler chandelier. The mica-shade lamp with mission style can also highlight the cabin look.
  • Use wood floors. You have various ranges from oak to pine. To create warmer surfaces, you are able to place a washable area rug with Native American designs or wildlife themes.
  • Hang a dark colored shower curtain to emphasize the lodge style. It is available in various themes like bears, pinecones, canoes or fish. Do not forget with the towels as well. Use twig baskets as the towel storage to give additional touch of color and texture.
  • Make the most of the wall as your best state-of-art area. You can mount vintage and wildlife pictures with wood frames. Take the advantage of the empty wall areas to display small antler plaques. To highlight the wall behind the accent desk, you are able to place a framed mirror. The room will look larger as well as it reflects the light. That also makes the artistic cabin bathroom decor more visible though the room is dominated with the dark themed colors.

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