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Decorating Bathroom Ideas for Small Space

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When it comes to decorating bathroom ideas, small space brings a great challenge. We know that space is a very important factor determines comfort and beauty but when it is too small, then we need some different approaches to get what we want. Based on professional interior designers, there are some keys we need to hold when decorating small bathroom. The keys could be used for anyone without exception and it is easy to apply.

Important Elements Have to Consider

Here are some keys we can use for decorating bathroom ideas:

  • Remove clutter: We have to open up the area of the bathroom by removing clutter. Small space cannot hold any unimportant items. By removing everything we do not use, we can save more space. The more clutter we have, the smaller space will appear. We need to be ruthless and remove anything we do not need.
  • Color scheme: We need to wisely choose the color scheme. Neutral colors or pastels will make the small space looks larger. However, that does not mean it needs to be boring. We need to choose a light shade and accent it with a different color that is darker. Green or ice blue works well for a small space.
  • Shower curtain: The shower curtain we choose also holds a very important role in the decorating bathroom ideas. We have to choose a shower curtain with a solid color or small design that complements the bathroom walls. If we want to have a more luxurious accent and get more depth to the bathroom, the best option is a fabric curtain. But when we want to create a whimsical look, we can try to use a shower curtain made from plastic.
  • Mirrors: To create the illusion of distance and reflect light, we have to add a large mirror. The mirror works well to reflect natural lights coming from outside. Adding a full-length bathroom mirror to the door is not suggested because it is not practical though it helps extending the bathroom size.
  • Change the hamper: Leave a full-sized hamper and use a large basket to toss soiled towels into. To keep dirty laundry out of sight, it is better if we choose one with a lid. Place the basket in the corner to save some space.
  • Pedestal sink: Use pedestal sink to replace the lavatory and create illusion of space. Maybe, it is not eliminate storage under the sink, but the open space creates an airy affect. We have to store all the bathroom supplies in a cabinet outside the bathroom.
  • Lighting: Last thing we have to consider when talking about decorating bathroom ideas for small space is keeping windows and curtain treatments airy and light. We also need to add recessed lighting to give the illusion of space.