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Design your Bathroom to Make It Look Spacious

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To design your bathroom to make it look spacious is something great. You can enjoy the wide ranges of the benefits if you are able to make your bathroom look more spacious. That is especially if you have a bathroom with the limited space or even a tight bathroom. Sometimes designing a tight bathroom can be so frustrating especially if you have no idea about how to make it completely look larger or spacious. If you make mistake, your bathroom will look complicated, full, and even crowded. Of course, it would not make you feel that comfortable doing your bathroom activities there. That is the reason why you need to do something for making your bathroom to look larger. You do not need to do the major bathroom renovation by making the room much larger. You only need to redesign or redecorate your bathroom so that it will look much better. Here are some ideas and also tips for you to try on getting the better condition of the bathroom.

Dealing with Right Color Scheme and Lighting

Designing and decorating the bathroom to get the spacious look is not something simple. However, the most essential thing which will affect much is about the colors which are applied there to design your bathroom to be much more comfy. For the wall and also floor tiles of the bathroom, you can choose the light tones for the spacious look, as like light grey, white, soft pink, and so on. Do not choose the dark one. For the ceiling, you also need to choose the color which is matched to the wall and floor. Make them monochromatic is a good idea so that you will get the larger look there. For the lighting, you can choose the white tone one. That will be much better than the yellow one. The white lighting will give the clean look and also the spacious look as well to the bathroom.

Tips on Decorating the Bathroom

Besides dealing with the lighting and also color scheme to make the bathroom look spacious, you also need to deal with the decoration. That is including on choosing the right bathroom furniture. Place the furniture which is really needed there. The furniture which is multifunctional is a good idea, for example the bathroom vanity with storages. You can also place the great mirror there which can give the spacious silhouette there. It is also much better for not to place laundry bag in the bathroom. It is a good idea to place it outside since it will take much place there. Those are some ideas and tips to design your bathroom in order to make the bathroom look spacious and more comfy.