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Designer Look Bathroom Ideas Decor Makeover without Replacement

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Your too simple bathroom starts bothering you. It is not that the bathroom looks ugly but it just too boring. Rather than being upset everyday, start remodeling bathroom right away. We have several bathroom ideas decor for your remodeling that will turn your boring bathroom into designer look. Don’t worry; you do not have to replace your bathtub, sink, or bathroom furniture with new one. What you need to do is dressing up things and creates wow factors on your bathroom.

Dress Up Bathroom Ideas Decor

1) The wall is the first dress up idea. Just some rolls of wallpaper will get rid the bore from your bathroom. Use simple pattern to create elegant look or use bold pattern to create strong statement. Since wall is main part of bathroom, merely change wallpaper is enough to transform your bathroom look. Nonetheless, wall dress up bathroom ideas decor with busy pattern in only best for large bathroom. If you only have small bathroom, bold pattern will make the room look smaller. For small bathroom decor, a better choice to transform the wall is by changing the texture.
2) The second dress up idea is the floor. While changing the floor will take times and money, you can simply dress up the floor with new bathroom rug. If you want to save money, you can make your own recycled towel rug. Play with contrast colors to create chic floor appearance.
3) For furniture, the common idea to change its look is repainting. However, when you wish something uncommon bathroom ideas decor, why don’t you try textured wallpaper to dress up your furniture? If you afraid the furniture would be damaged, choose removable wallpaper. Using removable wallpaper is better idea because you can easily change them anytime you want a change in look.
4) If you have pedestal sink and embarrassed with the plumbing, dress up your sink with sink skirt in contrast color or patterned fabric to create stronger visual impact. Sink skirt with pockets is better choice because you will add storage.
5) Next dress up idea is the ceiling. This part of bathroom is commonly forgotten but if you want designer look, textured or patterned ceiling is perfect choice. Even more, it could change how the light will reflected.

Those bathroom ideas decor are easy and low cost. However, pay attention with the choice of colors, textures, and patterns. You may do not want to dress up all things because it could be overpower. Sometime, just one or two dress up is enough to make different.