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How to Detect Two Way Mirror Bathroom?

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Two way mirror bathroom can put you in danger. In this advanced era even mirror can be dangerous. There are so many bad people in this era that attempt to do their crime in an unexpected place. Bathroom can be the example of the place that can be a dangerous place even without you knowing. There are particularly a bad people who installed this kind of mirror on the bathroom. Even this kind of mirror can bring you to danger. No matter how careful you are, being extra careful in this case would not hurt and would actually get you in a safer place. This mirror looks like an ordinary mirror, so it would be really hard to differ whether it is just one day mirror or is actually two way mirror bathroom.

The Characteristics of This Mirror

This mirror looks like just an ordinary mirror. By looking at this mirror, you can see both side of mirror. The mirror is kind of see through, so without you knowing there might be someone who see you from the other sides by the mirror. Just imagine that this kind of mirror is being put on the bathroom, it would be a total danger for you since you would never know that there actually someone who observed you from the other side of the mirror. This would even threaten your safety because you do not even know that your privacy being leaked out. It is obviously not a good thing to put this kind of mirror on the bathroom. Usually these types of mirrors hung on the walls of mirrors, so people in the room will be able to see through the outside. This can also be an embarrassment because you do not know that when you are looking at the mirror actually people who are inside can see outside clearly.

How to Differ it from the Ordinary Mirror

To ensure your safety, you have to make sure that the mirror is just an ordinary one-way mirror. There are some tips that you can do to detect whether it is two way mirror or one-way mirror. The first thing that you can do is to light your phone to the mirror and see whether it reflects or not. If it reflects than it is an ordinary one. The next thing that you can do is to put your finger on the mirror and see whether the reflection of your finger is connected or not. Those can be done to detect two way mirror bathroom.