DIY bathroom decor with bathroom shelving

DIY Bathroom Decor to Save a Ton of Cash

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DIY bathroom decor is the best way to save a ton of cash without sacrificing beauty. With your own hand, you can transform your bathroom into something unique and creative. Even more, think of it as an exercise to your body. You may surprise about how much calorie you can burn while decorating bathroom yourself.

Easy DIY Bathroom Decor

You do not have to be an expert to DIY decor your bathroom (although it would be best if you have skills). Many DIY ideas are easy to make and only take hours to finish it. Below is the list.

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1) Dress up things with wallpaper.

The beautiful rolls are very useful to transform surfaces and used in many DIY bathroom decor. For sure, it works best on the wall but you can also use it on other surfaces such as on the vanity or other furniture, even on the door. What you need are creativity, patience, and careful. If you afraid of mistake or damage on the surface; removable wallpaper will answer your worry.

2) Embellish things with ribbon.

Pretty ribbon is cheap and easy to find. You can use it to embellish your shower curtain and bath towel. For shower curtain, you can use polypropylene ribbon and plastic glue. For bath towel, you can use fabric ribbon and a little sew.

3) Make shelving yourself.

Shelving is functional and if you make it right, it could be a piece of art. You can make shelving from used wood bars, recycled packing palettes, or used crate. Paint the shelving with your favorite color.

4) Recycle your old towel into bathroom rug.

Recycling is one of best DIY bathroom decor because it save money and it save the environment. Use your knotting skill to knot the towel into plastic base. After finish, you not only see the art on the floor but you can feel the smooth and warm on your toes.

5) Make the door a piece of art.

Bathroom door is commonly solid color or textured. With a touch of creativity, change your bathroom door into an art. What you need to do is repaint the door and draw something remarkable. If you could not draw, simply paint the door with black color and write your favorite quote with white paint.

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If this is your first time DIY bathroom decor, you may find difficulties on your work. However, you should not give up and keep determine to finish it. Once it completed, you will feel happy and satisfied.