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DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame Easy and Cheap 

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If you are bored with the frameless mirror you have and want to decorate and change its look, try a DIY bathroom mirror frame. This way is great for those who want to save their money on decorating their bathroom. Yes, carpentry skill and creativity are needed for this idea. The materials for framing the mirror can be easily found at stores. Sometimes, you may find one box consists of materials, tools, and also the full instructions.

Cheap Project

With only $18 you can makeover the whole bathroom you have. If you have small bathroom and want to change the whole ambience, you need to try this way. If you want your mirror as the focal point, choose the color and style of the frame you really want. Here, we will use tile for the frame. Make sure that the color of the tile has the same tone with the color of the wall.

Measure the mirror you want be framed to see how many tiles you need for that. Choose the tiles you want and trim it to get a smoother edge. To attach the tile to the mirror, use silicone adhesive. This adhesive is also used for mounting frameless mirror to wall. This adhesive is great for glass. Then, you will spend time to glue the tiles and stick them up to the mirror. While waiting the glue to be dried, use tape for the upper tile, to prevent it from falling. Tape will help the tile in its place until the adhesive dries.

Decorating Mirrors

Frame for mirrors are not only square, you can create something unusual to decorate your boring mirror. Just like the tiles we have above for framing mirror, you can try to have small wood disk to decorate the mirror. You can arrange the wood square and follow the shape of mirror, or creating other shapes to decorate the mirror. It is also an easy DIY bathroom mirror frame.

There is one more creative idea you can try. Use pencil for decorating the mirror. Here, you will have a round mirror frame. You can have same pencils, or use pencil colors which comes in different colors. Put the pencil around the mirror. Place it vertically, like sun light. Use adhesive to make it stick to the wall. You also can use board for the pencils and the mirror, to prevent the walls from glue. This way is very cheap, you also can ask your children to help you.