how to hang a bathroom mirror in front of a window

DIY: How to Hang a Bathroom Mirror

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Some people may have problem for how to hang a bathroom mirror. It is sometimes seen as something simple yet easy to do, but without a right calculation, the hanging mirror you have will not be in an expected area. We have two types of bath mirror, the frameless mirror and the framed mirror. Framed mirrors have wires or brackets so that you can simply hang it, while the frameless mirrors use clips and adhesive to hold them in its place.

Choose and Prepare the Location

The location to hang mirror is up to you. You can choose a large frameless mirror below the bathroom sink or smaller one for it. Do not hang the mirror too high or too low. If you have already found the best position, mark the area, and decide the center as well. Ask partners to help you finding the right place for the mirror. Make it aligned, and when you find the right position, mark the borders of the mirror with pencil.

Once you decide the location, clean the wall, then. Remove dirt and grime with soft cloth and cleaning fluid. Make sure that the dry is wall before you attach mirror to it. Do this before you mark the area. Imply For framed mirror, put nails at the back of the mirror, at the both sides, and put wires for it. Put a nail on the wall, and simply hang the mirror. To make it attached stronger, below the mirror, put nails to support the mirror. These are the ways for how to hang a bathroom mirror.

Frameless Mirror

For small frameless mirror, it is usually held in place with clips. The number of clips depends on the size of mirror you have, and also the size of wall where you will mount the mirror. For a larger mirror, it is usually added with adhesive to make it strongly attached to the wall. The way is almost the same, you have to mark the location and stage the mirror to the final position. Apply the adhesive at the back of the mirror. To avoid mistakes, follow the steps as instructed by the manufacturer. Put the mirror to its position, and support it. For those who live in seismic zone, you need to consult with the local building department, whether or not it is safe for you and family to have large mirrors at home. You can ask them what mirror to have in the area.