DIY: Small Bathroom Ideas 2016

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If you have a small bathroom in your home, the things that concern You is how to decorate your small bathroom? Yes, a small bathroom requires particular attention because it will be harder to decorate. With the size of the smaller spaces and limited, does not mean a small bathroom can not have a good appearance and functional. In the year 2016, many ideas and tips that can make your small bathroom look special. Small bathroom ideas 2016 following may inspire you to decorate or design your small bathroom.

The important thing when you’re dealing with a small bathroom doesn’t cram everything. You just have to maximize Your little space and get all the functions of the large bath. Make sure that each item contained in your small bathroom has a clear purpose and work without leave of personality and style.

  • Add Depth and Height

To make your small bathroom has a depth of space, you can consider the color of white or other neutral colors. For example, if you want the theme of the sea, you can add the colors white and blue. Then, if you want a luxurious ambiance in your small bathroom, you can add the white and gold accents (like all pipework gold painted). One thing you should notice is to avoid painting the walls in bright colors because this can make a small bathroom feel beautiful.

  • Wallpapers

Wallpaper is one of the small bathroom ideas 2016 which is quite popular. Wallpapers can be used as an alternative to paint, as long as you choose the one with horizontal stripes or geometric shapes, neutral colors or pastel will make the bathroom look more spacious. However, if you feel the splash of color here and there will be open space, you can go with a colorful mirror frames, towels, SOAP and shelves rather than bold-colored furniture.

In addition to playing with paint, you can also play with light to your small bathroom. This may change the appearance of a small room look more spacious. You can add Windows to your small bathroom. This window allows the Sun’s rays enter into your bathroom. Also, a shower curtain that extends from the ceiling all the way to the floor will make the room look taller.

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  • Space, Storage, and Details

The bathtub is one of the important factors in the bathroom. However, for a bathroom with a small size, of course, need a bathtub with an unusual size. One that you can do is put a rectangular bathtub in the corner, but the still in one alcove (between two walls).

Small bathroom design is always synonymous with minimalist design and storage. To keep the bathroom is always neat and organized, hidden storage is the best option. Fold a large basket for organizing Laundry’s simple and effective, and it takes up a lot of space, especially when you put them under the Cabinet or sink.

To display towels and toiletries, you can add shelving (especially the corners and floating shelves) and storage appliances. Also, for storing small items, you can insert the glass jars and other containers. Using containers with interesting colors will make Your bathroom look better.

  • A Narrow Vanity

One small bathroom ideas 2016 which is quite widely used by people is a narrow vanity with a sink. It is certainly better for your small bathroom instead of using big closets. Also, to make your space look larger, you can also consider wall hung Towel rack and cabinets, as well as floating shelves. Besides, the important thing when you are going to add the furniture in your small bathroom that you have to make sure all of that can open the door with ease.

For the mirror, you can add a larger mirror, illuminated mirror plus smaller shaving or stand mirrors. This will ease you see the face in detail and are comfortable wearing makeup. Also, large wall mirror can make the look of your small bathroom appear bigger than it actually was.

Of all the things above, you certainly should not forget the style of your bathroom. The important thing from the stylish bathrooms is paying attention to details, such as a touch of color, or plant above the bench or above the tank of the toilet. Hopefully, small bathroom ideas 2016 can help you make your small bathroom more fun. Thank you.

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