French Country Bathroom Decor 2016

French Country Bathroom Decor for Comfort and Relaxation

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French country bathroom decor is about light, beauty, and relaxation. French country bathroom is not dominated by practical concerns. When many bathrooms feature wall to wall tile and shiny fixtures, French country design brings more natural surfaces.

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French Country Bathroom Decor Elements

  • Floor coverings: One of the first has to be considered is the floor coverings. Natural stone, wood, terracotta tile or travertine is the most popular option for this design. One must take into consideration that if a surface is to become weathered in a bath, it is not considered a disadvantages in this design. Care should be taken to avoid damage to the home structure.
  • Color palette: This is also another important thing that has to be considered when we want to apply the French country bathroom decor. White is the dominant color here. Colors are kept in the pastel range to allow natural light enters the room. To give a different accent, we can try to put some dark woods.
  • Window treatments: Since natural light is so highly sought after, the window treatments are usually kept to a minimum. Many people use sheer panels. But, if we use curtains, we need to equip with tiebacks or wall hooks to help us open the curtains and bring the natural light enter the room.
  • Accents: We can try to complete the French country bathroom decor with some accents. Glass apothecary jars filled with bath oils or salts, vases with fresh lavenders, vintage towel racks and wrought iron accents can be used to create a bathroom that evokes comfort. We can also put a-two-fold mirror. From such mirror, we can get two different advantages, which are the mirror itself that is usually framed with painted wood and illusion of more space, more light.
  • Lighting: This is another important thing we have to consider to create a comfortable French country bathroom decor. Candelabras dressed with crystal, simple bronze or iron wall sconces is the best item to use. Do not use fluorescent or bright electric bulbs. We also need to make sure that all light sources are filtered with shades to preserve the integrity of natural light. We can also add some candles to bring a more sensual accent to the bathroom.

Today, beautiful, comfortable bathroom is needed for a retreat from everyday life. Creating a well thought-out and well-appointed bathroom design is a great way to create such a retreat. However, we need to know that all elements that we have in the French country bathroom decor will give the comfort and the relaxation we need for many years to come.

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