How to Fix a Leaky Bathroom Sink Faucet Pictures

How to Fix a Leaky Bathroom Sink Faucet: Quick Guide

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How to fix a leaky bathroom sink faucet can be seen in this short article. Every bathroom must have a water tap. Tap water has a very important function in your bathroom. Tap water serves to channel water from the pipe to the place you need. There are various forms of taps. There is a single lever faucet with swivel at the top and there is a faucet that has two rounds for cold water and hot water. There are also taps are not played, but enough is pressed down to drain the water. But you must be hard if the faucet in your bathroom were damaged. This will make you unable to perform your activities in the bathroom. Here is how to fix a broken faucet in your bathroom.

How to fix a leaky bathroom sink faucet; The steps

1. Prepare the necessary equipment is the key of c, penetrating oil, Phillips head screwdriver, flat-blade screwdriver and pliers.

2. Turn off the main channel of water sources in your house.

3. Remove the parts or components of the faucet using a screwdriver available. Remove the faucet head with caution. Use oil to be easy to loosen or remove the screw that is on tap components. Remove the components of the water hole with a key.

4. Use the key to loosen the nut that is on tap components. Check the valve on the tap, whether there damage on the faucet valve.

5. If there is no damage to the faucet valve, check o-ring. If there is damage o-ring, then taps will also be jammed because of damage.

6. You can replace the damaged o-ring. You can buy the type that corresponds to the correct size.

7. After all the problems on the faucet can you finish, and then you can install components on the faucet.

8. You should carefully install any components that fix knob often in accordance with the old faucet knob position.

9. Turn the new faucet knob slowly and carefully. This is to ensure the faucet knobs are to be used and check the water flow, whether there is a leak or not.

10. If there are leaks, then other causes as there are still loose faucet component, faucet seals that have been using, or a broken pipe can cause leaks in your bathroom taps.

11. As a final step, you should call a professional plumber to solve the problem of congestion on the water faucet in your bathroom.