How to Install Undermount Bathroom Sink

How to Install Undermount Bathroom Sink; Guide

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How to install undermount bathroom sink? Some people who asked that question. The undermount bathroom sink can be described as a design of a sink with a mounted basin under the counter top exactly. This sink is commonly known as a hidden sink. And now this style of sink is very popular. Undermount sinks are available in a variety of materials, including fashionable copper sinks and solid surface material sinks. And the most common and safe material is sink from stainless steel. The undermount bathroom sink is attractive in look. The sink in the bathroom has the function to wash the face, wash hands, and brush teeth. The sink in the bathroom is usually made of porcelain. Porcelain is slick and hard to leak. Besides, porcelain is available in various colors and sizes according to the specifications. Before installing the sink, the homeowner must know the location of the sink. It must be adapted the shape of the sink. The sink for the bathroom should be small and strong. These are the steps in installing the undermount bathroom sink.

Steps How to Install Undermount Bathroom Sink

  1. Determine the position or location of the sink. Don’t forget to determine the size and the material of the sink. The best position of bathroom sink is in the corner of the bathroom, near the dining room.
  2. After deciding the position, the homeowner must prepare the other supporting equipment like PVC pipe, faucet socket, glue pipe, long elbow, and reducer elbow. The size of the pipe is a half inch. The installation of the pipe is embedded in the wall and under the floor tile. It makes the pipe invisible.
  3. After installing the pipe, we must make the input hole for clean water with height about 90 cm and the distance underneath is 20 cm. Besides, we must also install the output pipe for dirty water.
  4. After the faucet socket installed, the most important thing to concern is the distance between the input and the output of clean and dirty water.
  5. And then, find the hole to install the screw in the sink. Make two holes and check the distance between those two holes. And then check the location of the Fisher screw on the wall, point it.
  6. After that, install the sink by the hole in the sink. Tighten the Fisher screw using the nut driver or screwdriver.
  7. Last but not least attach the pipe in the faucet. The pipes must be of stainless steel material. Tighten the pipe in clockwise rotate.

So are some of the steps to answer the question how to install undermount bathroom sink. Do these steps carefully. Hopefully, this article helped. Thank you.