Bathroom Floor Tile Replacement

How To Replace Bathroom Floor: Guide

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When you have an old-look bathroom, perhaps you question yourself, ‘how to replace bathroom floor’? Remodeling bathroom should be done by a professional and you need more cost to hire someone for this job. However, you can still do replacement of floor tile by your own to cut down your budget. You can install a modern look tile so that your bathroom will look elegant entirely. This job may sound hard for you who haven’t get any experience in replacing or installing floor tile. However, you can try some of the steps we show here that can save some hundreds dollar for this project.

Removing Fixtures and Old Tiles

First of all, you have to remove any fixtures in your bathrooms, such as toilet, sink, and bathtub. Any things hang on the walls also should be removed. It is the first step before renovating your floor that prevent any fixtures from being damaged during the job. Moreover, it will give you a clear sight and space in accomplishing your job.

After taking all of the fixtures old, you need to remove the old tile before you can install the new one. Break up the tile completely and you can start at a certain place, like where a vanity has been. You can pull the tile in a large piece using a pry bar. You also can break the tile into pieces with a hammer and chisel if there are any stuck tiles. Sledgehammer is can be used as well to break the tile and the mortar.

Once you have done removing all tiles, you will know that your floor has old substrate that can be a mortar bed. It may have been broken by removing tile or water damage for a long time. You need to put a new waterproof mortal for your new tile that can be a cement backer board. You can also choose other alternatives such as plywood or fiberglass. However, if your bathroom contains showers and deals with a lot of water, you need a water-resistant substrate to make your tile durable.

Installing the New Tiles

You cannot simply start tiling from a corner and along the walls because it will end not perfectly. You have to layout the whole space to avoid too small pieces along the walls or the corner of the space. You can start putting the tile from center rows, and then make equal spaces around the walls or the corner. Full tiles can be placed at the wall opposite the door or in front of shower. Reposition it until you get the perfect layout and you can install the new tiles thoroughly. Lay the tiles in cement-based mortar in a sufficient size. The tiles will be dry in 24 hours and it can be used completely in 1-2 weeks. That is all about ‘how to replace bathroom floor’ and hopefully it will give you a new inspiration.