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How to Unclog Bathroom Sink is Easy and Practical

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If you want to know how to unclog bathroom sink easily and practically, it is the right place for you to visit. Unclogged bathroom sink is the most annoying situation ever because when the bathroom sink is clogged, the water will not drained properly and it will become such a disgusting mess in your bathroom. That is why when your bathroom sink is clogged, you need to unclog is as soon as possible. Is it difficult? Not at all. Below is several ways of how to unclog a bathroom sink.

1. Bent a Wire Hanger

The main reason why your bathroom sink is clogged is because there are too much hair in it. Yes, when you wash your hair in the bathroom or brush your hair, sometimes the hairs will fall and they get into the sink. From just one or two hairs, it will pile up and become one big ball of hair clogging your sink. That is why to make the sink unclogged, you need to get the hair out of the sink as soon as possible. The method to do it is really simple. Grab a wire hanger and then straighten it out as straight as you can. After that, bend one end over so that a small hook will be created. Push that wire into the drain cover and you will do just like fishing something. Once you take out the wire, you will see nasty hair and sometimes many other stuff as well from the bottom of the sink. Do it over and over again so that all hairs and stuff clogging the bathroom are removed. Then, trash them away and pour water to the sink to see if it has worked properly again. If it has, your job is done there.

2. Vacuum Cleaner

It is not the best idea but if a vacuum cleaner can suck up animal hairs, it can do to the human hair in the sink as well. Set your vacuum cleaner into vacuum liquids mode. Then, use it to suck up the entire hairs and stuff clogging the bathroom. If it is not working, try to add the power of the vacuum cleaner and push it toward the sink as close as possible so that all hairs will be removed from the bottom of the sink. That is how to unclog bathroom sink easily. At least, those ways will help you remove the hairs and stuff clogging the bathroom. There are also other ways to unclog bathroom sink naturally that maybe you can try.