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IKEA Bathroom Lighting: Guide to Choosing

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IKEA bathroom lighting is the right place for homeowners who want to look for lights for every parts in their bathroom. People will do flossing, washing, shaving, brushing, and plucking in bathroom, and these activities require good light which can support those functions. In IKEA, you can find lighting for mirror, to give you a better view, and also lights for ceiling and walls to create a relaxing ambience to your bathroom.

The Style of the Bathroom

Choosing a right lighting is determined by various factors, the first one is the style of the bathroom. Focus on what you want to bring from your room. If you have modern style, you may need something simple yet cooler, while if you have a more traditional bathroom, you will need light that can bring a romantic feel. For modern bathroom, you can choose lights with aluminum or chrome look.

The Size of the Bathroom

In large bathroom, you will need more light. Lights for the shower and the bath, lights for the mirror, mood lighting, and also general lighting. For those who have small bathroom, you may only need general lighting with direct light on mirror. Here, think also about the light intensity. Bright light will create a sterile feeling for the bathroom.

Avoid light that can blind you. If you have natural light, you can combine it as well with the light you have in bathroom. Installing a skylight will be great to provide as much as natural light into bathroom, it will cut down your energy costs.

Areas in Bathroom

Besides the size of the room, consider the functions in the bathroom. For the mirror, for instance, you may need task lighting with bright and direct light. Near the bath you will a warmer lighting or ambience lighting. Consider to have a dimmer switcher as well, so that you can adjust whether or not you want it warmer or lighter. The last is for the shower. Here, you may need a more powerful lighting. There will be so many types of lighting you can choose, the LED light strips, hanging lamps, drop lights, wall fittings, spot lights, or ceiling lights. In IKEA bathroom lighting you will have various choices of material and type. It is your preference to choose the best lighting for the bathroom. Yet, choose carefully the light and the intensity it brings. Bathroom is the place for family members to relax. Lighting play important role to create it.