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Tips on Installing Bathroom Vanity Countertop

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Installing bathroom vanity countertop could be a challenging work to do. However, you can save much money if you can do the DIY project in installing the vanity countertop. Besides choosing to have DIY project, you also can save more money by installing prefabricated materials. It must be much cheaper but still gives nice look and durability. Some tips below may guide you to do the DIY project in some simple steps.

Choose the Right Vanity Countertop Materials

Vanity countertops must have waterproof materials because it must get much water splash. Besides, it must be easy to clean and good-looking enough to become a beautiful part in the bathroom. If you look for an affordable but quality idea of material, choosing prefabricated granite could be a great idea. This kind of granite commonly has been cut into standard sizes. It will save your money up to $400 because you don’t need labor cost to cut the granites. The exact length and three individual segments will ease you in installing bathroom vanity countertop quickly. Ask the fabricator to cut the sink area and drill the faucets’ installation area so the installation will be much easier. Don’t forget to ask them to cut the backsplash in the exact sizes too.

Apply the Caulks along the Edges of the Vanity

When you have the fabricated granite to install, it is the time for the installation. Make sure that you have prepared the vanity cabinets where the top will be installed with granite. Apply some caulks along the vanity’s edges. Silicone caulk is the best for the edges because it will not only attach the granite but also prevent the water comes under the granite area.

Install the Slab

It is the time of installing bathroom vanity countertop. Install the granite slab onto the caulked cabinet tops. Be careful since it is heavy. Repeat to every granite for the vanity countertops. Make sure that you can be careful and pay attention on the installation well so it fits the mounted sinks and doesn’t damage it.

Install the Backsplash

When you have installed the countertop well, then it is the time to install the backsplash. Firstly, apply some silicone adhesive to attach the heavy material; three large dollops are sufficient to install the backsplash. Then press the granite on the backsplash area.

Seal the Countertops with Caulk

After every countertop and backsplash have been installed well, complete the process of installing bathroom vanity  countertop by sealing the edges with tile or bath caulk.