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Key Benefits Of Jack and Jill Bathroom Floor Plans

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Jack and Jill bathroom floor plans may become your best option for your kids’ bathroom. Why? This bathroom requires two different bedrooms, so that there are also two doors or entrances from each room. Jack and Jill is also recommended for people who have some guests, so that each of them can share bathroom. This layout is space-saving since your two kids can share a bathroom in the same space and it can also save your money. To get more ideas or floor plans for this layout, read the following explanation.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Floor Plans

Firstly, you must question about the privacy of Jack and Jill bathroom design. You do not need to worry since the doors can be locked from either side. It will make the bathroom keep private as well as teach your kids about toiletry time tables.

Regarding the floor plan, you can use Jack and Jill doors opposite side. The simplest floor plan is that placing a shower, a closet and a vanity. If you prefer a bath, you can replace it. You also can try to put the washbasins in each of the bedrooms so that both of bathtub and shower can be placed in the bathroom. If you want a larger Jack and Jill floor plan, you can put two vanities, a bath, and a shower. Each of the vanities can be placed near each of the doors, then the bath is placed on the center of the bathroom. Two closets can be designed for each of sides which is partitioned with the walls of the bathtub.

Besides, if you have spacious space you can try Jack and Jill doors same side ideas. The doors should be on the same side so it means that your kids enter at the same side of the bathroom. You can place two sinks for each of the side. Place a toilet at one side and a shower on the other side. Give doors for toilet and shower as the entrances and walls as the partition for each smaller rooms in the bathrooms.

Some Tips for Jack and Jill Floor Plans

It is better to use two sinks although your kids share the same toilet and shower. They can brush their teeth and comb hair in more private way. The sinks also should come with storage for each of your kids, such as towel bars and other accessories that would be needed. Each of them will feel that they still have personal space in the sharing bathroom. The design also should be neutral for different such as stripes or patterns that your kids like. This Jack and Jill bathroom floor plans hopefully can give you ideas about designing bathroom for your kids.

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