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Painting Bathroom Cabinets White; Guide

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Do you fell want to make over your bathroom? Do you want to make your bathroom looks more beautiful? Every person wants to have a beautiful bathroom even bathroom is not same as dining room or the other rooms which is seen directly by other people. You can make a beautiful bathroom by painting bathroom cabinets white. There is a research which state that white is perfect color to be applied in bathroom cabinets. That is because white gives luxurious and elegant impression. So, if you want your bathroom cabinets’ looks luxurious and elegant, apply this color to your bathroom cabinets.

Well, if you want to apply white as your bathroom cabinet, you may do that by yourself or ask someone to apply it for you. But you may do that by yourself without asking someone to help. Here is some suggestions, materials and how to paint the bathroom cabinets by yourself.

What do you need for painting bathroom cabinets white?

There is some material which is needed in painting bathroom cabinets white. The materials are: Painter’s tape, Degreaser spray and sponge, Sand paper, Brush, Foam roller, Ace hardware’s cabinet, door and trim paint.

Steps for painting bathroom cabinets white

After all materials have gathered, you can start the processes. You can’t paint the bathroom cabinets directly with its complete shape. There are some steps you must follow to paint the bathroom cabinets. Here are the steps:

1. Remove hardware, the first step you have to do is unscrewed all the cabinets’ hardware and remove it, then remove the hinges from the back of the door.
2. Cleaning and sanding the cabinets. Clean the cabinets using degreaser spray and sponge, after that sanding the cabinets using sandpaper, while removing all of the remnant paint. Use mask to avoid dust.
3. Prime and seal, taping all the edges with painter’s tape and put plastic to protect the floor. Prime the cabinet using foam brush.
4. Painting, it’s time to paint all cabinets. Attention please, if the cabinet was painted by wood painter, you must re-paint it again by wood painter. But if the cabinet’s based color is politer, you must re-paint it again by using politer. It is to get better result in painting. What different is just the paint color, use white as the color of the paint.
5. Replace hardware, after the paint had dried, replaced the cabinets ‘hardware and the last set and placed the cabinet.

It’s how you painting bathroom cabinets white. Now you have beautiful bathroom.