pottery barn bathroom vanity ideas

Pottery Barn Bathroom Ideas

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Pottery barn bathroom ideas will let you know about things should be considered when you want to create bathroom with this legend style and taste. Well, this style can be applied for large and small bathroom as well. But of course there are several rules that should be done in order to get proper and perfect bathroom.

Basically, designing bathroom is supposed to beautify the room itself and bring good vibes in the room. But it turns out that you will need proper and adequate space for the storage space. I could not even imagine how a bathroom without storage at all, unless it is public portable toilet. So, you need to find quick solution to make the bathroom functional, simple, and beautiful at the same time. Well, here are the solutions.

Finishes do matter

Choosing furniture is almost so easy but the problem will show up when you need to immediately decide the finishes for each piece of furniture in the bathroom. Well, it does not matter if you will put the single sink with pedestal or double sink for the more spacious space. But you need to make sure that the finishes are well suited with the theme. Basically, pottery barn bathroom ideas will use white for the wall and wooden colors for most furniture in the room. White sinks are good for this kind of bathroom. Or if you want other alternative, the espresso finishes can be applied for the console in the elegant shade.

Furniture and fixture

Furniture and fixtures are two aspects that will definitely add the beauty in maximum way. You can even call them the jewelries for bathroom. The shapes are adjusted to the style and they come in great finishes in order to highlight the style of bathroom and the personality of the homeowner. As long as you are able to hold and choose the right thing, you will definitely stay economical to decorate the bathroom. Modern and traditional can be shaped by choosing fixture and furniture.

Storage and displays

Modular storage unit is perfect for bathroom with pottery barn theme. Or you can choose the shelves with narrow look. It is better in open shelving in order to make you more easily to organize things and display bath salts stock and towels. Fresh flowers can give the welcoming atmosphere. And the bathroom is supposed for guests, you can put soft slipper on the shelves of pottery barn bathroom ideas.