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Primitive Bathroom Ideas for Different Atmosphere

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Primitive bathroom ideas can be a choice for you who will decorate your bathroom. If you want to decorate your bathroom with different atmospheres, you probably will take this choice. When you hear primitive, you probably think about ancient time which people live in a cave, please don’t think like that, it doesn’t mean you will make over your bathroom with a cave. The point of primitive ideas is the naturalness and the calmness from nature. Primitive design will bring you back to the nature and give calm sensation. It suits you who live in a crowded place and need some calm for yourself. Are you interested? If you interest these ideas, please follow this article.

Apply nature ornament

To bring primitive ideas to your room, you may apply nature ornament in your bathroom. For example, use ceramic and stone nature for your bathroom primitive design. You may apply ceramic in whole wall or just in lower part of the wall. Applying ceramic in your wall, it’s not only for making it beautiful, but also for making it easier to be cleaned because bathroom wall is often wet from the water splash, if you let the wall just how it is without applying ceramic, the wall will damage easily. But do not apply the ceramic in a simple pattern, try to make different pattern you like, or you may apply it in a flower pattern or a bamboo pattern. In other word, apply the ceramic to the pattern you like and remind you to nature.

Then, stone nature can be applied for the floor at your bathroom. Applying stone to the bathroom floor will give nature and natural sensation, as a sensation in a river. In applying stone for your bathroom, you must be selective in choosing the stone because it will get direct contact with water. So in choosing stone for bathroom, must be chosen a good quality stone which strong enough from water and algae. Stone which suit for bathroom is andesitic stone. This stone is strong so it will be perfect for your bathroom ornament.

How about the furniture?

Even it is primitive design; you don’t have to use primitive furniture for your bathroom, just apply any kind of furniture modern furniture you like. But you have to put more attention to the materials. Choose furniture that present nature to your bathroom. For example you may choose cabinet bathroom with wood material.

Choose natural color

As for the color, choose natural color for your bathroom. For example, it’s gray, white, green or black. You may mix and match the color as long as it represents nature, natural and primitive. It what you called primitive bathroom ideas is.