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Quick Guide: Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

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There are various styles of stopper and the way to remove bathroom sink stopper is also various. When your sink experience the slow draining, it may be hair or other contents that stuck in stopper. We have various ways to get rid of it. Using chemicals is the common one, or you can simply create a hook to take the hair. Another way is by using vinegar and baking soda to eat the hair. Yet, if those way do not work, you better remove the stopper and clean it. You do not need to call plumber to do this job. You can do it by yourself.

Types of Stopper

First type is push-pull stopper. It ahs a knob at the center. Thus, you have to put the center down to close it, and pull the center up to open. Toe touch stopper will open and close with the push of your toe. We also have flip-it stopper which uses toggle. When the toggle is flipped from one side to another side, it will open or close.

The Pop-up style has visible stopper at the tub drain. This cannot be covered by strainer. The mechanism for this stopper are two, the turn style and the trip lever. The mechanism will move the internal push rod against the rocker arm that is attached to the stopper. It will lower or raise the stopper. The plunger style has a same mechanism like the previous one. Yet, it does not have any visible stopper at the tub drain. The last one is lift and turn stopper. To open and close it you have to turn and lift the stopper in opposite directions.

How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

Since the types of stopper are various, the way to remove it is also various. For those who have toe touch stopper, you have to prepare flathead screwdriver. Make sure the stopper is in open position. Hold the shaft cylinder and turn the top counter of the stopper, clockwise. If the shaft cylinder is also moving when you do this, then try to unscrew the stopper. Hold the shaft cylinder and turn the top cap, this way will allow you to unscrew the top cap portion of stopper. If the top cap is already unscrewed, then it is the for the shaft cylinder to be unscrewed. Some cylinders have screwdriver slot to make you unscrew and screw it with ease. Follow the instructions to remove bathroom sink stopper.