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Rules For Bathroom Cabinet Height

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There is a lot of furniture which is needed and should exist in your bathroom; one of them is bathroom cabinet. Bathroom cabinet has several functions to complete you bathroom expectation. The function of bathroom cabinet is as same as the function of kitchen set cabinet. Moreover, nowadays not only the function but also the aesthetic of the bathroom cabinet become necessary. It applies in a large bathroom and also in a small bathroom. Since the bathroom sizes are different, you must keep attention when you apply bathroom cabinet height in your bathroom.

Knowing your bathroom

The first one you have to know about your bathroom is the size, including its height. It is important to know the large and height of your bathroom. By knowing the large of your bathroom, you can find the appropriate furniture for your bathroom, such as bathtub, wasteful, shower, toilet, cabinet and the others necessary things for your bathroom. With this, you can match your furniture size with the bathroom.

Then, the second one is the shape of your bathroom, what kind of shape is your bathroom? Is it a cube? Or oval may be. Not all of bathrooms have cube shape, some of them are oval, square, and the others depend on the design of the house.

Standards height of bathroom cabinet

Bathroom cabinet height is different depend on the company which makes the bathroom cabinet. But there are standards in deciding the height of the bathroom cabinet. The common standards height of the bathroom cabinets is 29 to 31 inches. In American standards, the minimum height is 29 inches, and the maximum height is 34 inches. It is the common standard of bathroom cabinets. You can increase or decrease the height depends on your necessity.

In modern standards, the height of the bathroom designed to be family-friendly height. It designs the balances between short and tall cabinets. A short cabinet is suitable for children whereas tall cabinets suit adult. The height range standards range from 32 to 36 inches depend on the cabinets and manufactures.

Then, for adult-focused design, the cabinet may need higher than the common standards. The range cabinet height for adults is 36 to 38 inches. The bathroom design for an adult is different from family bathroom. It depends on its usage.

The important thing in deciding bathroom design and bathroom cabinet height is the safety for the user it, either children or adult.