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Rules For Bathroom Mirror Height

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There are a lot of furniture and ornaments which are needed and should be placed in bathroom, such as cabinet, vanity, mirror and the others furniture and ornament for supporting bathroom activities. That is important and we can’t lose it. One of them that is most needed and should exist is mirror. Every people for sure set at least one mirror in their bathroom. And some people may aware about their bathroom mirror height and the others may be not aware. It is important to aware of it because mirror helps a lot bathroom activity like shaving, putting make up, washing face, and others.

Besides used for bathroom activities, there is a function that is useful from the mirror. It can influence bathroom situation because it has decorative function. As decorative function, mirror can make bathroom seems larger than its reality. Mirror has a lot of different shape and design, you may choose as you like depends on your style but you have to pay attention to the bathroom mirror height.

Height standard

There is no patent height standard for bathroom mirror. It is important to have mirror which is appropriate and useful for all the family members. So, when you set mirror in your bathroom, match the height with family members’ height. Since there is no real standard, so the standard you can use is your family height.

Measuring your bathroom

When you decide mirror height, you have to consider your bathroom space and the others furniture and ornament height on your bathroom. It will effect in finding the appropriate mirror for your bathroom. Even there is no actual height standard between the bathroom mirror and sink, but you have to match it with the tallest person in your home. So, there are three you must consider in measuring and deciding mirror height for your bathroom, first is your bathroom space, the second is the bathroom sink and the last is family members’ height.

Choosing bathroom mirror size and style

How about choosing mirror size? What style you must use for your bathroom mirror? First for the size, it will be easy to decide what appropriate size for your bathroom mirror after you measure your bathroom space, bathroom sink and vanity, and the family members’ height. You will find the right size then. And the last, your bathroom mirror style, you may choose the mirror style that suit your style and the design of the bathroom. Well, it is about your bathroom mirror height. Now you can choose the right mirror height for your bathroom.

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